Montréal, North American Hub and Canadian Metropolis


A leading host city in North America, Montréal is a first-class convention destination. It has all the right ingredients to ensure the success of any international gathering. Montréal is a safe and inexpensive city, used to hosting major international events. Montréal is a uniquely cosmopolitan city! Canada’s two official languages, French and English, and more than 80 other languages are spoken in a special Euro-American atmosphere. Located in Eastern Canada, in southwestern Québec, the city of Montréal is situated on the island of Montréal, at the confluence of the St. Lawrence and Ottawa rivers. Montréal is the largest city in the province of Québec and the second largest in Canada, with a metropolitan population of 4.027 million (in 2012). Montréal is divided into 19 boroughs, each with their own unique flavour! Currency converter [wpc-weather id=”441″/] canada-mtl-map

Safe and clean. Simply a walker’s delight. The streets of Montréal are a great way to discover the city and get you from your hotel to the Palais and back, at any time of day or night