Depending on where they live, and the reason for their visit, visitors will need to meet certain entry requirements. Meeting planners and event organizers can count on the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to provide the best possible service in helping coordinate the border crossing requirements for their event.

Some citizens from visa‑exempt countries have to meet more requirements, such as having a machine-readable passport or an e‑passport to travel to Canada.
To find out the list of countries and territories whose citizens require a Visa to visit or transit Canada and to learn how to apply for a visa, visit

The Palais is considered ‘‘in bond’’ by Canada Customs and acts as a customs clearance point. Mendelssohn, the official customs broker on site, will look after the clearance of your material upon arrival, and if necessary, will ensure delivery of your merchandise to the right destination at the close of your event. This means shorter delays and less administrative work involved in bringing equipment and merchandise into the country. An office is open on the exhibition site to assist you throughout your event.